Warranty Terms

1. Warranty period

TOPPING products are to be free from malfunctions and defects in both materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. To protect your rights, please purchase only from authorized sellers. In the case of second-hand purchases or purchases from unauthorized sellers, the warranty period will begin on the date of manufacture of the product.

Mainframe: One month guarantee for replacement. One year of free maintenance.

Built-in battery: Half a year of free maintenance.

Accessories: Without warranty.

Packing material: Without warranty.

* Note: TOPPING’s warranty is just for your reference. Local sales agents have the right to determine the specific details.

For the products which are out of warranty, TOPPING still provide maintenance service, but you need to pay the cost if replacement components are required.

This warranty is void when failure is due to:  cannot provide correct SN number, the product had been provided with compensation or refund, damage from water, modification/alteration, unauthorized service, misuse, abuse, use with incompatible accessories, or when failure occurs outside of the one year duration of this warranty.

2.How to get help

a. Please contact the seller for help after you find the product works abnormally. If they refuse to provide after-sales service, please give feedback to TOPPING, we will handle it properly to ensure customer’s satisfaction. TOPPING’s contact information has been noted on the last page of the warranty card.

b.  For repair maintenance or replacement, you are supposed to send the defect device to seller or TOPPING with freight paid(including tax if required). After it has been repaired, we will send it back to you with freight paid.

*TOPPING company reserves the final interpretation and amendment for the above terms.

For technical support or warranty, please contact: support[at]topping.pro

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