About TOPPING Professional

Topping Professional is our next endenvor in the professional audio field. Carrying the legacy of Topping
in Hi-fi, we focus on building the best performing, most reliable and highly cost effective products for professional audio.

Our independent R&D team brings us innovations in exclusive technologies and world class analogue modules.

Focusing on performance and reliability, we rely on objective measurements in the designs and rigorous, strict testings. This assures top performing, top quality products for our users.

We strive for making the professional audio scene better by our contribution.


Our core competitive strength lies in our exceptional research and development team. Comprising over 30 engineers with extensive R&D experience, their knowledge and expertise ensure that our products consistently deliver exceptional performance during the development and tuning processes. Each team member serves as a wellspring of inspiration for TOPPING’s product innovation and a driving force behind technological advancements. We not only pursue unrivaled technical performance but also focus on the finer details.

High standard manufacturing process

TOPPING adheres to a high-standard manufacturing process to each product, which allows excellent designs to be perfectly realized and delivered to customers.

Stringent control over product quality

Equipped with five top-tier audio testing instruments, the APx555 and APx555B, we maintain stringent control over product quality, upholding rigorous standards. We guarantee that each product undergoes the most stringent testing, meeting the initial design’s high-fidelity and high-performance benchmarks. This is why TOPPING has consistently stood ahead in terms of quality among similar brands.





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